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F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

1.       How to perform a search and make a reservation?

Search Procedure:

Select a destination, number of hotel stars, arrival and departure dates.
Select the number of persons for whom you perform a search.

Search Result Display:

Once you start the search, our software will lead you to results.
For more details on each hotel, click on "Book".

Detailed Results View:

Detailed view of the hotel displays total cost of accommodation for the chosen period and number of persons you.
If the requested service is available, the reservation system will show availability: Available
If the requested service is available only on request, the system will show availability: On request.
If you choose one of the accommodation units within the required facility and would like to pay for it or send an enquiry, click on "Book".

Detailed calculation procedure and Booking:

In the result window, a detailed calculation for the selected hotel and accommodation unit will be shown.
Within the window you can select offered supplement charge and deductions.
In order to calculate children discounts properly, you need to enter their age.
In case of Special offers, available discounts will be calculated automatically and will be shown in the right corner of the window.

Payment / sending the inquiry:

Depending on the availability of required services, several payment methods or enquiry options are offered to you.
Choose your payment method and fill out a form with personal information.

If the selected service is available, you can pay by credit/debit card. Please select Mastercard, Maestro or Visa as method of payment, and fill in necessary details.

In case you do not want to pay immediately, but you want to receive our offer and a payment link so you can pay later by bank transfer or by credit card, select "Send inquiry".
If you chose a service that is available only On Request, and have selected payment method, choose "Send inquiry".

Credit card payments:
If you choose payment by credit card, you will need to enter your credit card information and then click "Pay." Once your payment is approved,
you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of your reservation, together with the voucher and itemized bill.

Bank Transfer Payment:
If you choose to pay by bank transfer you will receive our offer, together with IBAN and SWIFT code. Once your payment is cleared, you will receive an e-mail with your reservation number, together with the voucher and itemized bill.

          2.       Terms and conditions
For more details on our business policy go to Terms and Conditions.
3.       Is this a secure web site?
We pay special attention to the safety of your private data. our site is protected by security certficates, private user data is processed and saved according to legislative policy of the Republic of Croatia (Personal Data Protection Law).
4.       Why do I have to provide my credit card details?
Your credit card details are essential for any credit card transactions regarding the service payment.
5.       Is my personal data secured?
Your credit card details are essential for credit card transactions and are being gathered and processed using the highest international security standards for credit card transaction process (PCI DSS).
6.       I haven't received my booking confirmation. Why?
Upon completion of the booking you will receive an e-mail confirmation of successful booking. In case you didn't receive this confirmation, please check your Spam folder. If there is no booking confirmation in the specified folder, it is likely that it was not send so please contact our sales-reservation department who will then resend it.
7.       How do I cancel my booking?
Cancellation depends on the host, which would mean that each of them has their own cancellation policy. For detailed information, please contact our sales-reservation department.
8.       How can I contact your sales-reservation department?
Our sales-reservation department can be contacted in several ways. Detailed information can be found under Customer Support section.
9.       What should I visit in Croatia?
Recommendations will be available according to your stated interests.
10.   How to find the destination on the Adriatic coast and islands?
By clicking on the Destination map on our site you can find detailed information on all destinations.